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German Radio program about astronomic topics:

Kakadu Radio - Science for teens Web: http://www.dradio.de/dkultur/ Producer: Tim Wiese Length: 45min / once a week Target group: Kids and Teenagers Content: News from the 'Sternwarte Potsdam Babelsberg' which is an observatory for science. The news are made for kids and teenagers from the age of 12

WDR Radio Web: http://www.wdr.de/wissen/wdr_wissen/programmtipps/radio/09/08/18_1605_5.php5 Producer: Dirk H. Lorenzen, Peter Ehmer and Joachim Hecker Length: 55min / 12 episodes Target group: 12+ Content: Natural sciences and history

Radio Stargazer Web: http://www.podcast.at/podcasts/radio-stargazer-die-astronomie-und-science-fiction-infosendung-137476.html Producer: Nicolas J. Artley and Michael Nolte Since: 1997 Length: less than 3 min. (Mainly used as gap fillers) Availability: Podcast or on Ok- Radio 104,8 Content: Astrology and Sciene-Fiction

HR2 Radio Web: http://www.hr-online.de/website/specials/wissen/index.jsp?rubrik=6952&key=standard_document_20649440 Producer: hr2 Radio Since: 2005 / 20 episodes / once a week Content: Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence

AstroRadio Web: http://www.astrologie-dresden.de/astroradio.html Producer: Frank Mehlhop Since: March 2010 Length: 50 min, once a month Content: In every episode is dedicated to one planet. Almost 30% of the show is music.

Deutschlandfunk - Sternzeit Web: http://www.dradio.de/dlf/sendungen/sternzeit/ Producer: Ursula Vaughan Length: 3 min. Since: 1993 Stream: Every day Content: Information which fit to daily happenings

WDR5 Leonardo Web: http://www.wdr5.de/sendungen/leonardo/ Producer: Birgit Morgenrath Length: 55 min Content: Accurate and scientifically proven news about Science

ORF Astrofenster Web: http://www.astronomie2009.at/kalender/termin-anzeige.php?terminId=2136 Producer: Robert Seeberger Since October 2004 Once a week Lengt: Less than 5 min Content: In the short show they talk about astronomic themes in an easy going way. Background knowledge and questions about astrology will explained and answered.